The Cobra is the King of Social Media

by Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Last night, Jon Stewart began his broadcast of the Daily Show by talking about how the riots in the Middle East and the desire for freedom has also come to the shores of the U.S.  Take a look:

My husband and I, both social media geeks, couldn’t help but crack up at the image of the cobra in his display case at the Bronx Zoo, reading about the riots in the Middle East on Twitter… on an iPad, no less.  It kind of reminded me of this:


But soon, I discovered that the creativity of social media lead some clever person to create a Twitter account for the cobra: @BronxZoosCobra.







WHAT????  He has 33 tweets and 26,379 followers?  Statistically, that ranks up there with Charlie Sheen!  (And probably makes more sense too.)  Wait… this just in… the Cobra wants to say something to Charlie Sheen…




But that’s not all… there is now a hashtag for the snake: #snakeonthetown.  Click on that to see the hilarious comments others have made about our beloved King Cobra and his exploits in New York City.

And this person found a way to incorporate yet another facet of social media into the snake and Twitter:





Wow, I’m just mayor at the local Kohl’s… the snake is Mayor of NYC!  I’m just saying…  The cobra also took in some culture during his tour of New York:




Sort of reminds me of this:


Now, apparently the cobra is only using Twitter.  He did set up a Facebook page, but as of the writing of this article, hasn’t figured out how to use it.  He doesn’t even have any friends yet, compared with his 26,000+ on Twitter.  Guess he’s a snob against Facebook, or maybe his smartphone works better using the Twitter app.

And now, even more breaking news about the Cobra.  In the 20 minutes since I’ve been writing this blog, his following went from 26,000 to 39,000.





Seriously, he is giving Charlie Sheen a run for his money.  I’m putting my money on the snake.

UPDATE ON MARCH 30, 2011 – Here it is, less than 36 hours after I originally posted this blog, and the snake is now up to 172,664 followers.  Wow, if he actually had that many people following him, I bet they’d find him.

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