Top 10 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

by Monday, January 23, 2012
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As social beings (and the social media managers who help others reach their goals), we all crave something on our Facebook pages… more Likes.

After all, without Likes, the people you wish to reach will not see your posts in their newsfeeds.  It’s as simple as that.

And yet, finding those Likes is no simple task.  Unless you are already well-known (hello, Lady Gaga), or a large, well-liked company (Starbucks, anyone?), it can be elusive and challenging.   To build a loyal fanbase organically, it also requires tenacity.  So how can people find out about your page?

Start By Marketing to Your Own Customers

(1) Use Email. The very first thing a company should do, upon establishing a Facebook page, is to send out an email to its subscriber base, letting them know the page has been set up.  They already do business with you, so why wouldn’t they want to Like you?  Perhaps the company might even want to set up a contest of sorts… something that can only be won if a person has Liked the page.

(2) Post Social Media Icons on your Website.  Do a Google search for “social media icons” and you’ll find a plethora of them.  Again, this is marketing to your already existing-customer base.  Here is what one of my clients has posted prominently on their website:

(3) Post the Facebook LIKE Box on Your Website.  This is often a desirable option, as it allows people to Like your page, without ever leaving your website!

(4) Post a Sign in Your Store or Office.  If you have a bricks and mortar location, this is one of the fastest ways to get your customers to like your page.  Better yet, offer customers a special discount if they Like your page, right then and there (on their SmartPhones or even an iPad kept near the cash register).

(5)  Ask Friends to SHARE Your Page, or Click on “Suggest to Friends”.  Again, this is using your existing contacts to help promote your business.  Just for the record, I’ve heard many times that Mari Smith is NOT a fan of “Suggest to Friends.”


(6) Print Advertising with Your Facebook Page URL.  If you already are purchasing ads in local newspapers, magazines or mailers, don’t forget to include your Facebook page link.  You should also do this with postcard mailers.

(7)  Buy Online Ads.  Google ads, Facebook ads, mobile ads, banner ads, etc.  All of these can be used to promote your Facebook page.  Great idea to tie it in with a contest to kick things off!

Cross Network Promotions

(8) Post Your Link in a Related Group To Which You Belong.  One of the most successful tactics I used to find fans was when I joined a LinkedIn group for an online class I was taking.  Then, I participated in discussions and even sent private messages to members who seemed to have common interests.  I probably got 100 fans, just from this one single tactic and group.  (Beware however… people will come and post their own promotional message on your wall… “hey, I Liked your page… please Like mine!”  That’s a pet peeve of mine!)

(9) Create a video on YouTube about your Business.  Then, using sites like Traffic Geyser or TubeMogul, you can get more eyes for your video.

(10) Comment on other Facebook fan pages (as your page).  This just never fails.  If I comment on another Facebook fanpage and it’s a good comment, inevitably, this will lead others to my own page who will click “Like”.

Once people become fans, the best thing you can do is post good content.  So long as people find a reason to be drawn back to your business, they will remain fans… and they might even become evangelists for your business!

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